We help you grow your Instagram* the right way.

Transform your Instagram, YouTube & TikTok game and learn how to create a strategy that turns your content into an income-generating machine.

🗓️ Next Cohort: April 9, Limited to 30 Spots

The Creator Mentorship is the first-of-its-kind, hands on Mentorship program, designed to walk you through every step of building your content strategy, optimized for all major platforms.


Patrick T.

Before jumping on the course I spent 9 months really trying to figure out what I was doing wrong that hindered my growth. Literally within the first month of coming onto the course I have seen my reach dramatically rise 10x.

Having a coach there to really help guide and adjust gave me a mental boost knowing that I had a professional watch over the strategies we came up with.


Wim C.

I was lost in a jungle of algorithms, SEO, Reels, Post Frequency, Captions, Hooks and everything that is necessary for staying relevant on Instagram.

Dominik and his team basically give you all the tools to survive and more. Now I navigate around the socials with a clear view on my goals and a regained confidence + relevance when I post.

🎯 The "Secret Formula" of Growth

If there's one thing I've learned in the past 7 years, growing my own personal brand to over 130k YouTube subscribers and working with hundreds of Instagram creators and brands in my agency:

There is no silver bullet, and there certainly is no secret formula. It all comes down to a few basic principles, such as:

  • Understanding your real target audience

  • Creating content this audience finds valuable

  • Hitting the publish button in a consistent manner

And then wrapping this concept around the creator's unique situation. Of course these "simple steps" are a lot more complex and certainly more nuanced in execution.

Every audience is different, every creator has different skills to offer, and it's a lot of the times the little tweaks that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

That's exactly why we've created the Creator Mentorship. A unique program, tailored to your needs, helping you walk through every step of the process.

A system, designed to bring your sustainable growth and long-term results rather than just likes on one post.

Creator Spotlight

Ales was stuck at about 4,000 followers (slightly losing) for months. After joining the Creator Mentorship, we identified his core audience, built a content strategy and ramped up consistency and his growth skyrocketed to now over 100k followers.

"I started out with 289 followers, no clue as to what I want to do, but with the guidance of my coach, Dominik, and the rest of the team I was able to hit 100k on Instagram and even move abroad as a creator."

Sofia Z.

📈 The Creator Mentorship

The Creator Mentorship is a 10-week* immersive mentorship program where you learn (and execute) all the ins and outs of growing a sustainable content machine on Instagram (+ YouTube & TikTok).

It does not matter whether you're just starting out or already have hundreds of thousands of followers, due to the highly individual nature of the program, the strategies can be applied for creators of all sizes and niches.

Initially you will schedule a strategy session with me personally where I'll assess your current situation, pin-point potential problems and I'll give you an action plan going forward.

Then, we'll have a combination of live sessions, Q&As, detailed feedback on your strategy and content, exercises and tasks to jump start your journey as a creator.

*Cohort: 10 Weeks, 1:1 Mentorship: 5 Months

Target Audience Discovery

So many creators have no idea who their target audience actually is, how they behave and what kind of content they want.

The crazy thing is, just understanding your audience will not only help you stand out, it will also get the algorithms on your side, recommending your content to the right people.

Idea Generation

Ever struggle to come up with content ideas? And if you do come up with some, you end up not using them because you're afraid they might not work?

Content Strategy Frameworks

Our content strategy frameworks are designed to help you figure out what works best for your audience, while keeping your goals in mind.

You'll be able to create a content strategy that feels genuine, connects with your audience, and makes a real impact.

Algorithm Domination

Let's become friends with the algorithm and get your content pushed out to the right kinds of people, and ideally plenty of them.

We'll break down all the various parts of "the algorithm" to get true "breakout content".


The Creator Mentorship focuses on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (Shorts) and we'll go deep into the similarities as well as differences.

1:1 Strategy Session with Dominik

Starting the program off with a bang, as soon as you enroll you'll get to schedule a private 1:1 strategy call with Dominik where he'll get to know you personally, assess your situation, identify instant changes and the best way to approach the mentorship program going forward.

Monetization System

Many creators are not aware how powerful it can be to build an audience online - especially in terms of making money. We'll show you how to naturally monetize your audience in different directions without being salesy.

Weekly Q&As & Feedback

We're here to support you every step of the way. Get your questions answered in our weekly Q&As with Dominik , receive valuable feedback from both our experts and fellow creators. Together, we'll help you fine-tune your content, tackle challenges, and celebrate your victories, making the most out of your journey.

Creator Spotlight

This mentorship program is the best investment that one can get for their career as a creator. I started out with 289 followers, no clue as to what I want to do, but with the guidance of my coach, Dominik, and the rest of the team I was able to hit 100k on Instagram and even move abroad as a creator.

To say the least, this program is life changing!

I love how personalized the experience is, you always have the option to create something that works for your schedule and niche. You will no longer have any doubts of why something is not working and will learn important procedures in maintaining your account’s growth after the program is over.

Another great feature of this program is how well the coaches work with the psychological factor of growth - how to handle the ups and downs. They truly are the best!

If you put in the work, follow the guidance, learn the procedures, and be patient you will have the best experience!


I can 100/10 confidently recommend this mentorship program.

- Sofia


Week 0 - 1:1 Video Call With Dominik

Week 1 - Kick Off & Beating The Algorithms

Week 2 - Profile Optimization & Target Audience Discovery

Week 3 - Idea Generation & Research

Week 4 - Build Your Content Strategy

Week 5 - Hooking Them In

Week 6 - Growth Strategies & Algorithm Helpers

Week 7 - Make Them Care & Become Fans

Week 8 - Using Analytics To Solidify Your Content Strategy

Week 9 - When You Blow Up & Go Viral

Week 10 - Strategies To Make Money

Personal End Feedback Call


Luke B.

Creator Mentorship has been a huge assist in ramping up my content game.

Being able to run ideas by a coach + ask any questions that come to mind has been a big confidence boost.

Super valuable too has been the connections I’ve made with other people in the program.

New friends winning and growing together has been really exciting.


Lorenz F.

The program was a well-considered investment in myself and my development as a creator.

With my coach I was able to define my strategy and my target group, which brought me from pointless posting to a detailed plan with different content buckets.

Together with Dominik's calls, the program was definitely worth the money!

Join The Creator Mentorship

Group Mentorship


🗓️ Next Cohort: April 9

🚀 Personal Strategy Session with Dominik -

One hour 1:1 video call with Dominik, where he gets to know you personally, assesses your current situation and pin-points problems and tweaks going forward

🔋 10-Week Cohort - Weekly live sessions with Dominik, covering all the ins-and-outs of growing a highly engaged IG/TikTok/YT

💭 Weekly Q&As - After each core session, Dominik will answer any question you might have to get the most out of this

🔌 Weekly Deep Dives with Dominik's hand crafted team of coaches

📚 Access to our Online Platform with worksheets and resources to help you make it as easy as possible to keep up

📝 Weekly Tasks & Feedback - Our team holds you accountable and helps you steer the ship in the right direction

📟 Community & Feedback Platform to network with likeminded creators, get feedback, weekly Reels Trends & Content Ideas, Algorithm Updates, etc

💎 Lifetime Access to all the training sessions, Q&As and Resources

🧭 1:1 End Feedback Strategy Session to make the most out of this journey

Long Term 1:1 Mentorship

On Request

⚠️ Due to the highly personal nature of this program, we have very limited spots available each month

Creator Spotlight

Stan joined the program with about 2,000 followers. His journey is the prime example of trusting the process, implementing necessary adjustments and tweaks and staying consistent. We'll keep you updated on his progress

Still not sure about the Creator Mentorship?

Book A Free 1:1 Call with us

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Free Assessment Call

15 min

Phone Call

Free Assessment Call with heyDominik's Team

The best course of action for helping you fast is getting to know you personally.

We will look at your current situation and give you valuable feedback on what you can improve right now.

Please be aware that you will receive a call from a

US phone number (+1-562-xxx-3700)

on your chosen time and date.

The call will be 100% free and there will be NO international fees.

If there are no fitting slots, please view the next month

Pick a Date and Time


Available Starting times for Sun, Mar 26, 2023

The cohort is limited to 30 students.

For 1:1 mentorship inquires please send an email to florian@heydominik.com


Melany O.

It's great. I like the pace, the first couple of calls with the team was good too. I like that we have a personal coach. I also like that we get feedback and interaction with Dominik on the calls.

I'm eager to have my call with Dex this coming week on my strategy to help me get going with my reels again as I'm a bit lost with that but that's more of a personal guidance.

So far it's a 10/10 for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How involved will Dominik be in the program?

For the Cohort:
The first part of the mentorship will include jumping on a private 1:1 call with Dominik where he'll get to know you personally, assess your situation & identify potential problems going into the program.

Then, Dominik will host the weekly live content sessions including a Q&A where you can ask questions. Everyone will get their questions answered.

Additionally there will be weekly deep dives with Dominik's hand picked team and a community & feedback platform where Dominik and his team will also answer your questions, 7 days a week.

For the 1:1 Mentorship:

You will be working closely with Dominik and his team. In addition to having a personal mentor by your side, you'll get bi-weekly live sessions exclusive for 1:1 clients with Dominik, as well as a direct WhatsApp line with Dominik and the coaching team.

Keep in mind, the 1:1 mentorship is a long term, close and personal cooperation. Spots are highly limited.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?

We would sure hope that you will, but it's not a necessity. All the sessions will get recorded and you will have lifetime access.

Right upon enrolling you will get to choose your private 1:1 call with Dominik that best suits you.

Applications are open for students worldwide.

When will the program start?

The next cohort based group mentorship will begin on April 9th, however the 1:1 strategy sessions with Dominik happen basically immediately based on your availability.

The 1:1 mentorship has no predefined starting date, as it's highly dependent on your needs, and it will run for at least 5 months. You'll get started within a few days of getting accepted.

How long will the program last?

The next cohort group mentorship will run from April 9th to June 18th 2023. The 1:1 private sessions with Dominik basically happen as soon as you enroll.

The 1:1 mentorship will start based on your availability and run for at least 5 months.

Does it only work with specific niches?

No, the methods are not tied to any specific niches, genres or styles. And they're not only capped to Instagram, as our strategy work for all major platforms.

Also, during your private 1:1 session with Dominik, you'll figure out how to best use and implement the strategies learned in this program.

Since this is a live cohort with open Q&As at the end of each session, you'll have plenty of time to learn how to implement the strategies to your own situation

Does the program also work for TikTok and YouTube?

Absolutely! Short form content basically has the same principles on all major platforms and we've had students also blow up on TikTok & YouTube.

Dominik will also mention the intricacies and differences of each platform during the live sessions and he'll show you how to make it work best on each platform.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer individual payment plans. Just ask our community manager florian in your call and he'll show you all the options.

How many students are there?

Due to the highly personal nature of also the cohort run (first class support, 1:1 strategy session with Dominik, etc), as well as because we want you to have the best experience, we cap our spots at a maximum of 30.

Will there be another round later?

The current round will take place from April 9th to June 18th and while it's planned to have another cohort this year, we cannot 100% say yet.

So if you've been putting it off to take matters into your own hands and finally become a successful creator, now's your chance!

My content language is not English. Is the program still suitable for me?

Absolutely! We have had students from different countries and languages all around the world and you'll 100% be able to benefit the same from the mentorship program as anyone else.

Team heyDominik is also pretty international and we cover multiple languages, from German, to Spanish, to even Chinese!

I'm not comfortable giving out my phone number. What can I do?

If that's the case, or if none of the time slots are suitable for you, feel free to reach out to Community Manager florian@heydominik.com and he'll get you accommodated.

Got more questions?

Want more information or secure your spot?

Schedule a call with our Community Manager Florian or send him an email at florian@heydominik.com

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