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We help you build & execute an individualized

content strategy, based on your goals

So you don't waste any time creating "wrong" content that will get you nowhere.

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Over the past 2 years we've helped hundreds of creators gain a combined 4.3M followers

and we've learned one thing: every creator requires a slightly different, nuanced approach.

In the CreatorMentorship VIP you get to work with me and my team on a 1:1 basis,

building a laser-focused and fitting strategy based on your individual situation and goals.

We went from 4,500 to 84,000 in just over 60 days. Now we're doing thousands of $$$ in digital product sales per month.

- upthegainsmoney

PS: He's just crossed 120k since writing this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How involved will Dominik be in the program?

As part of the CreatorMentorship VIP, Dominik is very involved at any stage of the process.

You will be in constant contact with him in a private Coaching communication channel, he oversees your strategy, results, data and execution and of course during the live sessions.

How much time do I need to invest?

The major aspect behind the CM VIP is that all of the strategies, your roadmap and the execution are based on your individual needs, time constraints and overall situation.

As discussed before, this is no one-size-fits-all solution and we streamline the whole process to be as effective as possible based on the time you're willing to put in.

We have many creators who are dedicated to content creation full time, as well as lots of other who spend anywhere from 3-30 hours per week.

The goal being of course that once everything's set up in place and we have a content strategy that works for you to optimize your time and minimize the timely effort you put into content creation.

Do I need to invest into gear or equipment?

The short answer: no. To be honest you don't need an expensive camera or equipment and the majority of our creators who've hit 100k or more have done so with their "newer generation" smartphones - aka a phone from within the past 3-4 years.

How long will the program last?

The CreatorMentorship VIP lasts for 5 months initially to get all the processes straight and build a lasting and sustainable strategy and can be extended afterwards.

Does it only work with specific niches?

No, the methods are not tied to any specific niches, genres or styles. And they're not only capped to Instagram, as our strategy work for all major platforms.

Also, during your onboarding session you will your unique situation assessed and you'll already an action plan on how to best utilize the program.

We have worked with creators from basically any niche and thanks to our data-driven approach we are able to install the necessary instruments and strategies to your content strategy.

Does the program also work for TikTok and YouTube?

Absolutely! Short form content basically has the same principles on all major platforms and we've had students also blow up on TikTok & YouTube.

Do I need to start an account from scratch?

The short answer: NO. Not anymore.

In fact we rarely recommended our clients to start an account from scratch in the first place.

With the latest algorithm changes coming into effect we've been able to get any creator to grow and get reach again after implementing a focused and working content strategy over the past 6 months with their current account.

No matter how old the account was or how low the engagement was.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer individual payment plans. Just ask our community manager Florian in your call and he'll show you all the options.

Do I need an audience already or followers?

Not at all. As you can see above, we've had many students start completely from scratch without any audience. We've also had lots of creators scale their existing followers and reach.

So whether you're a beginner or you already have an audience and want to scale, or you've hit a plateau - we'll show you how to get results.

How many followers can I expect?

Trying to bait you with any number here would be highly unprofessional, as follower growth depends on a multitude of factors.

The strategies we'll implement in your account are focused on being sustainable in the long run and are there to firstly hit your own individual goals.

If you're a coach for example, follower numbers should only be a minor part in the equation and what actually matters is revenue.

Of course clients going viral is almost our daily business and it can happen at any point during the journey - especially with the way the algorithms work nowadays.

During your Intro Call we'll gladly give you our personal insights about what you can expect though.

My content language is not English. Is the program still suitable for me?

Absolutely! We have had students from different countries and languages all around the world and you'll 100% be able to benefit the same from the mentorship program as anyone else.

Team heyDominik is also pretty international and we cover multiple languages, from German, to Spanish, to even Chinese!

I'm not comfortable giving out my phone number. What can I do?

If that's the case, or if none of the time slots are suitable for you, feel free to reach out to Community Manager [email protected] and he'll get you accommodated.

📈 The Data-Driven Content Framework

With social media evolving to be more complex than it ever was and changes happening faster and more often than ever before it's important to not just trust gut, but to look at data to build a cohesive content strategy that gets you results.

Every creator is different. Everybody comes from a different background, with different skillsets, interests, time on their hands and goals.

Which is why it's dangerous to listen to generic, one-size-fits-all "strategies" that might work for Creator A, but not at all for Creator B.

With our Data-Driven Content Framework we're able to combine the data we've gained from working with thousands of creators and helping our clients grow 4.3M followers over the past 12 months, ready to be implemented into your strategy.

You will be working very closely with me and my team on a daily basis. We'll have a private communication channel and we will focus on the tasks that actually matter in your situation without wasting any time creating content that gets you nowhere.

Creator Spotlight

Consti came to us with 0 followers, but with a goal to make his passion of photography work on Instagram. We all know how pure photo accounts have had a hard time on Instagram recently.

After doing the groundwork, setting up the first content strategy and posting consistently it took about 3 weeks to get his content noticed by the algorithms.

He basically went from 0-100k followers in a matter of a few days (actually during one of our live sessions 🤙).

Whenever somebody "blows up" there's a lot of insights and learnings to take. A lot of times it can be even a curse, if you try to chase that high with the exact same content over and over again - ultimately making you lose steam again.

Not with Consti, as we carefully analyzed what his audience actually wants and slightly adjusted the approach.

He's on track to hit 800k Instagram followers and 180k on TikTok.

"I started out with 289 followers, no clue as to what I want to do, but with the guidance of my coach, Dominik, and the rest of the team I was able to hit 100k on Instagram and even move abroad as a creator."

Sofia Z.

Creator Spotlight

Lorenz started from scratch in probably the most competitive niche ever

- fitness and workouts.

After analyzing the market, finding gaps and tying his personality in the right way he was able to put his unique spin on it and create content that consistently goes viral and that others now recreate - fuelling his coaching business.


Luke B.

Creator Mentorship has been a huge assist in ramping up my content game.

Being able to run ideas by a coach + ask any questions that come to mind has been a big confidence boost.

Super valuable too has been the connections I’ve made with other people in the program.

New friends winning and growing together has been really exciting.


Lorenz F.

The program was a well-considered investment in myself and my development as a creator.

I was able to define my strategy and my target group, which brought me from pointless posting to a detailed plan with different content buckets.

Together with Dominik's calls, the program was definitely worth the money!

Creator Spotlight

Ales was stuck at about 4,000 followers (slightly losing) for months. After joining the CreatorMentorship, we identified his core audience, built a content strategy, ramped up consistency and his growth skyrocketed to now almost 200k followers.

Creator Spotlight

Mimi and Mason went from 0 to now 77k followers on Instagram and 19k on TikTok following the process and putting in the work.

Agustin is a Spanish speaking business influencer who was stuck at around 100k followers. Quickly he and his team were able to get traction again and he's now at almost 400k 💪

Bethany started a fresh account right after joining the CM fam. Her journey is a prime example of trusting the process, being reactive in your strategy according to our playbook and staying consistent. She's on track to hit 80k anytime soon.

Ben was able to grow his stagnant, seasoned account from 2012 consistently hitting 50k+ views with his content.

Another example of why trusting the process and sticking with it is so important. All the months of hard work finally paid off when one of his videos popped, getting him on track to hit 85k pretty soon!

Brooke actually came to us with about 12k followers that did not interact with her content at all. She was hesitant to start a new account, but as you can see, the decision paid off and she's now at 367k on IG and 205k on TikTok. Great job!

Ahmad join right at Cohort 2. He implemented our content pillar strategies, attended all the sessions and after about a month he basically blew up from

0-50k in a matter of a few days.

Mika is proof that our framework also works with non-humans. Not only is she on track to hit 75k anytime soon, she also consistently goes viral with her videos. PS: the human behind her account is part of our coaching team.

Creator Spotlight

Stan joined the program with about 2,000 followers, nothing really happened for months.

His journey is the prime example of trusting the process, implementing necessary adjustments and tweaks and staying consistent.

It took him about 4-5 months of consistently creating, adjusting, creating, adjusting and not giving up. What followed was a wild ride beyond his imagination. He's managed to build a following of

over 900k, he's also now working with big record labels. His next goal is winning a grammy and with his dedication I have no doubt about it at all.

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